About Us

Valentine & Co provides impartial advice to all stakeholders in the corporate world, whether it be directors, creditors, debtors, lenders or shareholders as well as to individuals struggling with their finances.

We know that during difficult and stressful times, you require a clear, concise and quality advice. The team at Valentine & Co will discuss your position in depth and using the depth of experience and expertise, will provide you with a solution tailored to your circumstances.

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A Brief History

Valentine & Co was formed by Robert Valentine, a chartered accountant, in April 1982.

Since formation, Valentine & Co has served both local and national firms of accountants and legal professionals.

Mark Reynolds joined Valentine & Co in March 1998. Mark is also a licensed insolvency practitioner. In April 2005, the practice was taken over by Mark.

Natasha Brodie, a licensed insolvency practitioner, joined Valentine & Co in July 2011.